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Location sourcing

We possess extensive local knowledge about  retail areas, streets and shopping centers. Through close collaboration with landlords and property owners, we receive constant updates of the most promising rental opportunities.

For each location, we can provide a specific cost analysis, together with visitor statistics, projected turnover and information about surrounding stores. From these you will be able to calculate your expected revenue and evaluate each site's potential for your business.

We’ll also help with contract negotiations and provide legal advice as required.

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Contract management

Let us help you negotiate and manage your contracts.

We can assist you with contract negotiations, whether concerning a new lease, relocation, or renegotiation of existing contracts.


With our experience establishing stores and handling questions related to lease levels, we can provide the necessary advice, or you can fully outsource this work to us.  

We can also manage your lease contracts and make the necessary preparations for expiration dates. In this way you need never miss a renewal date or an opportunity to make a new good deal.

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Project management:

In the lead-up to your grand opening, we can either take entire control of the process, or assist you as required. We can coordinate with landlords, suppliers and authorities on your behalf, and our associated partners will ensure a cost-effective and smooth launch.

Expansion strategies: 

We can help to create the expansion plan for your brand. Using our local expertise, we can provide guidance and advice about which cities or areas to prioritize, and we can assist in executing the roll out.

Market analysis: 

We can provide you with a thorough market analysis of whichever country, city or shopping area is under consideration. This will quickly provide you with all the information and figures you need in order to gain the best possible overview and an insight into the specific, local characteristics of your potential new market.

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